PFC Advisor
Laurie Corona

Laurie finalized her second year as President and has agreed to act in an advisory role to the new leadership team. Laurie is mom to Laya (5th) & Joaquin (2nd). Laurie and her husband Alonso were pioneer parents and helped build PV’s foundation as the little dual immersion school who could! We can all thank Laurie for “Konnecting Parents” on Konstella, an app that has helped streamlined communication efforts to Pueblo Vista families.

Thanks a BUZZillion Laurie for BEEing our leader!

Luanne Ayala

Who doesn’t love “Loveable Luanne!”  Besides being mom to Isabelle (1st) and Annamarie (4th) you’ll often find Luanne in the office lending a helping hand. She also assists as lunch duty helping to make sure our kids eat “two bites of protein.” Luanne and her husband Miguel are both bilingual and have been an integral part of bridging our English & Spanish speaking parent community. Luanne has spent countless hours in our onsite commercial kitchen prepping food for our fundraisers including her yummy Holiday Tomales! Luanne always has a huge grin on her face and makes you feel welcome on campus.

Art Reyes
Vice President

Art’s energy is infectious! He is a proud papa to Isabella (2nd). He and his wife Kelly have been incredibly generous with their time and resources. When asked why he joined the PFC leadership team he stated, “It’s a great honor to be a part of this school not only for our daughter but as parents too. We get to be part of the community that Pueblo Vista works tirelessly to cultivate.”

Art is excited about the opportunity to serve as your PFC Vice President for the next 2 years.  He saw an opportunity to be able to contribute to the school in a way that was different but much needed. It’s important to him that his daughter sees that it’s not only mommies that help at school but daddies do too. “They say it takes a village and I’m happy to be a villager at Pueblo Vista,” he stated.

     Say hi if you see me around. I invite the opportunity to chat you up on the cool and fun things we have been planning already.   –Art Reyes

Art Ramirez
Second Vice President

We have not one, but TWO dads named Art acting as VP! Art and his wife Carissa are parents to Mia (2nd) and their son AJ (4 yrs old) “The Arts” will be instrumental in the success of our major fundraising events to support after-school enrichment programs including… art! (ba-dum ch!)

Art and Carissa are both Napa natives and are very active in the community. Art is looking forward to making personal connections with both the English & Spanish speaking parents.

blank avatarDerek Moore

Recording Secretary


bio needed.


Sara Guzman
Recording Secretary

Sara is mom to Arthur (Kinder) and Austin (1st).  She speaks Spanish (or Spanglish:/) but her hubby, Andrew, does not. Making sure their boys learn to speak Spanish is very important to them. Although a dual immersion program is what initially brought the Guzmans to  Pueblo Vista, what sealed the deal was the garden and focus on environmental sciences. Sara dived in head first and is on the Harvest Festival subcommittee, an event that directly promotes the inquiry-based environmental science program.

      I joined the PFC in hopes to help out this amazing school in any way possible!!

Kelly Darter


Kelly, AKA “The Money Lady,”  plays a vital role in the PFC. Kelly and her husband John are parents of Cody (3rd grade) and Blake (Kinder) is in her second term as Treasurer. Not only does she help us with our banking and taxes, but Kelly is also in charge of fundraising. Kelly has helped to exceed our fundraising goals by improving our Bidding for Good online auction efforts. With Kelly’s help we have had not one, but two successful online auctions last year.

If you enjoy the Pueblo Vista blend of coffee sold in the office, you can thank Kelly for that. She made a phone call one day to Napa Roasting Company asking for a coffee donation to be served at Coffee with the Principal. That call turned into a special roast benefiting Pueblo Vista PFC! Proceeds from coffee sales also support Puertas Abiertas, a Latino Community Resource Center.

She has spent endless hours soliciting donations and organizing our fundraising efforts. When you see her at school drop off thank her for your child’s field trips, garden, and after-school programs. Without her spirited efforts, we would not have these robust programs at Pueblo Vista.

        I got involved to be a part of the community, have a voice and show my kids school isn’t somewhere I just drop them off.  It’s part of our family experience.  — Kelly Darter

Claudette Shatto
Corresponding Secretary

Claudette Shatto AKA “Tech Girl,” has (finally) accepted the position of Corresponding Secretary. Claudette and her husband Charles are parents to Cameron (2nd) and Caleb (Kinder). You may recognize her name from your Konstella messages. She has also been actively posting on Pueblo Vista’s Facebook Page.

In addition to her communication role, she works tirelessly with the fundraising subcommittee and has helped raise funds for after-school clubs and enrichment programs. Speaking of after-school clubs, Claudette volunteers her expertise to teach “Entrepreneur Mindset” and the “Secret Millionaires” After School Clubs.

Do you listen to 99.3 the VINE? If so, you probably heard her voice our Día del Niño advertisement! Thanks to her marketing efforts we had record attendance at this year’s Día del Niño. To answer your question… we are not sure if she sleeps!??

Diana Lyman-Jackson

Diana is mom to Paige (1st) and Zane (3 yrs. old) . Diana is a leader in the “BEE KIND movement.”  She is warm, welcoming, bubbly and always willing to jump in and help.

We put a call out to help us organize our files and Diana was quick to volunteer!


Ruth Belazquez
Room Parent Coordinator

Ruth is a friendly and familiar face at PV. Her son Lucas (1st) has been at Pueblo Vista since he was in TK. Ruth is organized and a “go-getter.” She is fluent in both English & Spanish which is extremely helpful in her role as Room Parent Coordinator.